For the final week of our planned vacation, the anonymous Tulip is here with this amazing bit of saucy autobio on their and their partner’s relationship with role-playing.

I love this comic, its all the right dashes of sexy and personal. And honestly – it gets me interested in trying out role-play for myself. Its never really been a part of Erika or mines sexual repertoire, but I bet I could have fun playing a character or two.

When we have comics under anonymous names like this, I know a lot of you can feel frustrated that you’re unable to get in contact with the author. But if you make your tweets or messages out to Erika or myself (on twitter or IG), with Tulip in the message, I’m sure they’ll find them, even if they don’t reply =) !

Fingers crossed we’ll be back with an Erika made comic next week, but there’s a chance we might be doing another guest comic too while we find our sea legs again.