Week 5 in our break! Time for me to share with you all Alex’s incredible comic on her breast reduction. I ran into Alex’s work through Twitter a while ago and was instantly a smitten kitten.

As of writing this (a month prior to the comic going up), Alex is open for commissions – I’d strongly encourage you to check it out, while you drop them a hello or two =)

Today’s comic leans pretty hard into the autobiography and doesn’t go into the specifics of the different surgeries available, the ups n downs, nor the recovery. If this is something your keen to look into, start to talking with doctors and do lots of research. Today’s comic isn’t going to be your guide. It’s just Alex’s story. Hopefully, we’ll pick up more comics on this subject in the future.

Next week should be our last guest comic before we come back! This ones awesome too, it’s all about Role-play =D