Margot Strintz tells us all about how she and her partner discovered pegging while exploring a long-distance relationship!

Today’s comic reminds me SO much of all those years of LDR Erika and I explored back in the mid-2000s! Don’t believe me? Check out this blast from the past! Only difference is that back then we didn’t have FaceTime, so our dirty talk had to be done by phone card ;D

I hope this week’s sweet comic, inspires you! And if so, I have the perfect recipe:

1 – Peek at our harness reviews! We still love our Jaguar Harness, but a more current go-to tried-and-true is the Bend Over Beginner Kit by Tantus (reviewed by Jey!)

2 – Explore some dongs (if you’re new to this go small and smooth). I personally recommend the Fuze Velvet, BUT the Early to Bed Team had a whole arsenal of favs they recently recommended!

3 – And while you’re at it find a good lube, too!

4 – THEN read up on Kaz’s classic pegging comic and maybe even Zach’s How Dildos Saved My Rear

5 –Top it all off with Anal Sex Preparation and the Butt Sex Comic!