Margot Strintz tells us all about how she and her partner discovered pegging while exploring a long-distance relationship!

Today’s comic reminds me SO much of all those years of LDR Erika and I explored back in the mid-2000s! Don’t believe me? Check out this blast from the past! Only difference is that back then we didn’t have FaceTime, so our dirty talk had to be done by phone card ;D

I hope this week’s sweet comic, inspires you! And if so, I have the perfect recipe:

1 – Peek at our harness reviews! We still love our Jaguar Harness, but a more current go-to tried-and-true is the Bend Over Beginner Kit by Tantus (reviewed by Jey!)

2 – Explore some dongs (if you’re new to this go small and smooth). I personally recommend the Fuze Velvet, BUT the Early to Bed Team had a whole arsenal of favs they recently recommended!

3 – And while you’re at it find a good lube, too!

4 – THEN read up on Kaz’s classic pegging comic and maybe even Zach’s How Dildos Saved My Rear

5 –Top it all off with Anal Sex Preparation and the Butt Sex Comic!

↓ Comic Transcript

page 1
Margot Strintz has short blue hair and a pink skin tone. She wears a hoody and jeans.
She is startled away from reading her book when her phone dings with a text.
"That's my partner!" she exclaims as her phone dings again.
Margot reclines on their back, texting with their boyfriend.
Narration: For over a month, we've been in a long distance relationship. As part of a job-exchange, I had to go live a year in Montreal away from him. To compensate for the distance, we texted every day. And something unexpected came out of this special experience.
A text from the boyfriend reads "I couldn't wait..."

The boyfriend sends over a photo of him holding up a dildo with the strap-on harness sitting beside him, sparkling. "TADA 😏”, it reads.
Margot’s eyes go wide with surprise as she thinks “OMG” and then quickly transitions to a sly expression as she thinks “Hmmm…..”
With a CLAC she locks her door and then holds her phone up high to take a selfie. The photo she sends is her now standing in her T-shirt and underwear with a seductive look, with the silhouette of a dildo superimposed over her underwear and the caption, “As if I had it on me”.
Her boyfriend replies “😳😳😳”

page 3
Narration: At the time, we still had 8 months of long-distance to go but he was so impatient, he bought all the equipment we’d need to explore *pegging*…
“8 months… that’s too long!” Margot over-dramatically weeps while looking at her phone.
Narration: Neither of us saw it coming, pegging was way out of our comfort zone. But that’s also what made it seems so fun.
We now flash back in time to Margot and her boyfriend texting long ago, both blushing wildly and looking surprised with what what they’re saying. Their phones ding with each text message.
Boyfriend: Lol I have a hole in my boxers at the worst place.
Margot: You mean on your butt ? 😏
Boyfriend: Easy access yes 👀
Margo: Access for what?
BF: Well…
Margot: …

Her boyfriend collapses back on his bed, resting his phone on his chest with his eye wide and delighted, blushing furiously, as he thinks, “Is this for real… I’ll have to train. 8 months… to get ready. 8 months till my girlfriend pegs my butt !!!”
He picks up a package with a big pink bulbed nozzle on it, with the text “Prepare to ANAL”
“Let’s do this!” he thinks.

Page 4
Narration: As time passed, horniness replaced our shyness. At first:
[Over text messages, they chat.]
BF: Are you sure that I’m not weird ?
Margot: No ! It’s so exciting to know what you want !
Narration: A few months after:
BF: I can’t wait for you to peg me !
Margot: 🍑🍆🔥

The boyfriend and Margot are shown texting in their respective beds and in their different time zones, him at 2 pm and her at 5 am.
Narration: Despite the distance, pegging brought us closer.
Margot: Omg look at this pegging comic !
BF: Wow ! Can’t wait to do this with you.

Narration: Together, we were learning new things about ourselves.
As Margot looks lustily at her phone, she thinks “I want to bully his butt so bad !”

Narration: And it pushed us to be more creative.
Margot blushes in surprised delight (with the fire and smoke emojis popping up around her head) as she sees the photo her boyfriend sent. It shows him from behind on all fours, wearing a strappy little red jockstrap and nothing else with the text, “Thx for the gift”.
“The angle, the gaze !” Margot thinks to herself and texts back “amddfvtyfljdkf”

Inspired by lust, Margot draws a picture of her leaning over her partially undressed boyfriend who looks a little shy but horny. She wears nothing except for her strap-on.

Page 5
Narration: Finally…
In an airport, Margot talks on the phone with her boyfriend.
“Hey cutie, about to board” She says. “I’ll be in Paris in 9 hours…”
“I’m so impatient !! I may or may not be wearing the jockstrap that you sent me” Her boyfriend replies as Margot looks out the airport window to watch a plane taking off But first thing first. I’ll extra-mega cuddle yo up !.
“Me too aha ! Can’t wait to see you honey,” Says Margot, smiling. “and… When we get home? I can’t wait to fuck you up.”
“…Hurry up !” her boyfriend replies.

Transcribed by Erika Moen on March 14, 2024. This comic was originally published on