Erika and I went all out for this comic, it ended up taking 8 days of FULL work to do. We’re super proud!

We hope you like our little adventure, we know it’s not a review or anything like that. It’s more a slice of autobio life. Would we go again? Well, probably not. Though we enjoyed talking with the other folks there, it wasn’t really our scene. We’re pretty shy, regardless if it’s a regular party or a sex party. But it was a super fun little ‘get out of the house’ adventure– diarrhea, gas-spills and all.

I don’t really have anything for you folk to click today, so instead I’ll take this opportunity to remind you all that Erika has some sweet new alternative art books for sale!

↓ Comic Transcript
A car zooms by a landscape.

We see inside the car, Erika and Matthew are driving along. Erika is a cis, white queer woman, and Matthew is a cis white bi/pan male.

Erika looks up in dread “Oh no.“

A desperate Erika shouts. “Pull over. PULLOVER!“

The camera zooms in on Erika in comical distress.Matthew "I thought you were done with your diarrhea before we left?“
“So did I!“ Erika shouts.

The car zooms into a gas station and Erika zips out while shouting 'oh god oh god oh god'
“Good luck!” Matthew shouts as Erika runs away.

The camera cuts to inside the car as Matthew looks, at an empty, fuel gauge, and hums to himself

Subtitle '20 minutes later…'

Erika returns and gets into the car. Her nose is all scrunched up. And Matthew is cleaning his hands with a towel.
Erika “sniff sniff, what’s that smell?“
“Oh… I had a gasoline mishap with that dodgy pump.“

Matthew, “How’s your butt hole”
“Like a Ring of fire“ 

The camera pulls back, and we see just a car
Matthew "should we… should we just go home?“

Erika, “We’ve driven an hour to get here! Might as well, at least go, check it out.“ Matthew nods in reply. And the car quickly drives away.

Comic Title, 'Matt and Erika, go to a swingers house party!'

The panel depicts, Erika and Matthew, chatting as they drive, in between them is an imaginary flashback of a previous engagement.
Erika “Last time we tried to go to a sexy party, people recognized us…”
Matt “Yeah, that was weird “
Flashback characters in fancy garb “Oh my gosh, I read your comic every week!”, “me too!”
Flashback, Erika Matthew, thinking to themselves “Welp, guess we will not be getting naked here.”

The camera returns to inside the car, “You know what, we should use code names!” Matthew exclaims.
“Yes! I can be Burt! You can be Ernie!!” Erika says

The panel comically shows Erika Matthew, looking very smug with 'Bert' and 'Ernie' labeled above them

We see a big overhead shot of a street
“Ok, I think this is it… Oh god the next-door neighbors are out! I can’t do the walk of shame in front of children!”
Erika holds Matthew in support
“We'll go by real fast! Don’t make eye contact! Be brave, Ernie!”

The next page is a huge cut section of a tall house, filled with lots of little marshmallow humans going about their sexy business, above this is Erika and Matt presenting the building
“Dearest perverts, welcome to an Oregon swingers house party!"

Deets: Women get in for free, $30 per couple entry free, no single men allowed. This party had about 80 swingers and 2 awkward reviews.

The house is covered in labels:
Rooms with doors for privacy
Swinging room two beds.
Condoms soda, snacks supplied.
Poll room
BDSM room
Rooms with no doors for watching
Massage table room
Garage with race, car, and pool/darts.
Hot tub.

Erika and Matthew embrace and talk to the camera, Matthew ”Erika and I aren’t exactly the swing of types… But when we heard about this party, it seemed like a fun adventure we could try checking out together.”

Erika Matthew are outside the house in front of the owner.Narration “Newbies had to arrive early for a mandatory introduction to the house's rules.”

The owner says to her audience of newbies  “Don’t be creepy. No means no. Don’t touch without permission. Communicate with all partners, even if you’re just interested in one of them. If people leave during the play, stop the action until they come back to avoid jealousy/drama. And clean up after you’re done!”

The narration picks up: “Downstairs was like any regular house party”
Matt and Erika enjoy drinks while talking with a Stranger

We cut to seeing from behind Matthew and Erika's shoulders as they watch a man fist two ladies at once. 
Erika “Oh, my!!!”
Narration “… And you might not even realize it was a swingers party until exploring upstairs!”

“Needless to say we didn’t partake in the sexy times.
Some partygoers comically walk by and say “What’s that smell? Gasoline? Diarrhea?”
Erika and Matthew have stink trails coming off of them look very happy with themselves, and say at the same time “BOTH!”

Narration "Ultimately, Erika ran into the same problem. She has at every party..."
“Oh my gosh, 10 PM already? I want to go to bed.” An exhausted Erika says.

The comic ends with a big picture of Matthew and Erika holding each other,
Erika “But that’s not to say we didn’t have fun before we headed home again.”
Matthew “We took a few spins on the pool… Chatted with a handful of nice people… Watched a dude fist two ladies at the same time…”
Erika “All in all, an eventful night!”

Today's comic was made in July of 2015 and transcribed by Matthew in December of 2023 EIGHT years later - which feels just crazy to write. He's the first to say he's not great at transcribing and is just trying his best! Hopefully, you all enjoyed a bit of the write-up. 

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