We’re SO thankful that we got to try out this bonkers exciting toy, but… it just didn’t work out for us. At all. The MotorBunny is something I think we’ll still enjoy watching OTHERS use, but will we ever use ours again? No.

Here’s a video Erika shot on the day we got it (It’s only cranked up to half power!)

So… this just arrived in the mail today. . . (It's a MotorBunny)

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A big selling point of the Motorbunny that we didn’t get to delve into is that it’s a self-touted Sybian machine – just cheaper and newer and ‘better’.

If you don’t know what a Sybian is… well it’s JUST like the Motorbunny. It’s a toy that was designed and built in the 80’s, it’s a crazy Barbarella vibrator. It was a different time back then, the sex toy world was new and full of innovation and experimentation. People had fun ambitions of making the ultimate orgasm machine but were also constrained by the lack of good materials, competitive design and research.

Unfortunately instead of taking the Sybian idea further and expanding on it for the modern era, Motorbunny just made the same device: albeit a tiny bit stronger and cheaper. It still suffers the same faults and, in today’s sex toy world, there are just so many better made toys for your sex life.

We’re holding out hope that the next Motorbunny innovates rather than replicates its inspiration. In the mean time, vibration friends, just stick with your Doxies and Magic Wands!