Friends, come and check this out! Erika and I drew up some fun illustrations for our friend Danielle Bezalel! She’d recently took part in a grand Masturbation Experiment for our much loved joint-sponsors, Magic Wand, and we jumped at the chance to contribute with some artwork.

Danielle took part in three weeks of Abstinence/Masturbation/Sex with studious intent and analytical thought on the results. It’s interesting, fun and inspired. You’ll love it.

Click on over and peek at the article DB threw together, and if you’re keen, maybe also subscribe to her podcast. She’s the bee’s knee’s.

Take a look what we drew for the article – feeling real proud of these!

The experiment: One week of abstinence! Tracking mood, stress and all sorts.

Followed by 7 days of full-on masturbation with the Magic Wand, even if she wasn’t really in-the-mood.

Finally a control-week, regular sex-life and masturbation. To come down from and to apply some thought to the results!