Jem’s back! =D =D =D If you need a reminder, Jem previously made this wonderful must-read comic on Polyamory.

This time they’ve shared with us a piece of their life. Those moments of self-discovery and sexual activity that almost all of us can relate to in some way.

I can’t encourage you enough to go visit Jem’s sites, even if you can’t drop them a dollar or two, I know they would love a follow and a kind comment. I know they post more journal comics on their Patreon, but they also print good-zines of their work via their store. Maybe with enough of a push, they’ll want to come back and do another comic ;D

In today’s comic Jem, tosses their generic rabbit toy away for a Magic Wand! It’s a good opportunity to point you all at our Magic Wand, and the Magic Wand Rechargeable reviews – spoliers we love em – and to mention how amazing the MW team is as they kindly sponsor the site!

We’ll be doing our best of 2018 in the next month or so, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with either the MW or MWR. They are both AMAZING and live by our bed. Heres the list of stores for those of you looking to shop. My recommendation, start at Early to Bed, we love the owner AND she carefully curates the selection; its always choice.

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Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY
Coupons to use at checkout! - 15% off - OHJOY