I’ve been wanting to do a comic like this for years, it’s honestly been in the making for about 6 months! Really happy to finally have it up and done and on the site. Was lovely to have Erika draw up a slice of Gene Wilder too =)

There is such a huge network of indie-sex-toy makers and companies out there, and our list is just the tip of a humongously perverted iceberg. Hopefully, today’s comic gets to those of you who are looking for something creative, fantastical, and different. While we might not be able to vouch for every indie-maker out there, the 6 we worked with on today’s comic all sent us fast and amazingly crafted toys – all highly recommended.

In no particular order:

Strange Bedfellas

Dread the Empire

Funkit Toys


Twilight Meadow Creations


Mentioned briefly, but worth repeating – a lot of these guys are SMALL teams; some even just one or two people, so they’ll make their toys in limited-run-batches and release them in batches. If a store looks empty, check out their socials. Good things come to those who wait!