A Jello cube filled with shapes… for your dingus.

I’m not sure there’s much more for me to say this week. I had fun a ton of fun getting this fuckable-art-piece to review! I know that over the years I’ve become a bit of a Tenga fanboy, so maybe I’m looking at it with rose-colored glasses but, honestly, they keep surprising me with these beautiful, androgynous toys, that deliver on new sensations. Price isn’t too shabby either – what’s not to love?

Early To Bed has a 10% discount too! Just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!

Still – maybe, avoid this if you’re packing anything larger than the average dong, I’ve still yet to find anything better than the awesome fleshlight collection, for those of you who are hung.

Also maybe skip out if you’re looking for something that’ll pass the test of time. I have a sneaky suspicion this is a short-life-span kinda cube.

ALSO, ALSO – Our sponsors and friends at OMGYes.com have reached back out with a new survey! (And an opportunity to get a Good Vibes voucher). They did this a few years back and it worked out great! They use all the information to help improve and direct their efforts. If you’re not familiar read up on our review here. TLDR: It’s an amazing interactive website that helps people with vulvas learn to masturbate and get more in touch with their anatomy and bodies. It. Is. Awesome. So any help we can send their way is appreciated.

Project Spotlight:

Rent Relief for Valentine von Bettie

Photo by Dwam

Valentine von Bettie, a performer and Sex Worker in Portland, has been hit hard by the quarantine’s shutdown and is no longer able to earn enough to survive on. Right now she needs to raise emergency funds to pay her overdue rent. You can read more here and send money using the information below:

Venmo: Model-Valentine
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