Today I’m excited to introduce Haley Rose! An amazing character designer and animator in Toronto who was game to make us this fun comic on Latex!

You migggght remember that Erika and I dabbled in a latex dress from Stockroom. We LOVED IT and honestly have both been super taken with latex as a whole since then (even if Erika’s been too busy to wear the dress recently). For fun, there’s also a super fun and sexy NSFW Patreon-only video of Erika putting her dress here!

Not really covered in Haley’s comic is how much fun the cleaning/glossing of the dress can be. Lubing up the dress was pretty much the best, as well as being an important part of the maintenance and cleaning. Alssssso not really covered is the steep price tag. But if you can get past that entry fee, it’s an amazing experience.

Here’s Haleys Sisters Latex site too, for those of you looking for inspiration <3

Wanna try buying some latex? We recommend shopping at Stockroom, our friends there are super nice and the stock is good!

Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!

Separately as an update – Erika and I are aboutttt 3/5s of the way done with the big Random House Graphic book, Let’s Talk About It. We’re hoping to call it donzos around Christmas. We’ve been posting a few updates about it as we go onto Patreon. Work’s been slower than we first hoped, but as a whole, the book’s looking so so so good. We’re really proud of it so far – and think you will be too! If you’ve been supporting us all this time: thank you. It’s both been incredibly rewarding to hire so many guests this year, but also tough. All your patronage has helped us make it possible. Thank you.

In a couple of weeks I’ll start the process of talking with companies and individuals about 2019-20 sponsorship. If you’re looking to support and be a part of the site with a significant financial contribution, reach out to me!