A biodegradable toy for under $20? Fuck yes that’s the sort of energy I NEED for 2021.

I do feel a pang of small guilt at not having given the week to the quad-fucker-fuckin-fucker-machine, but honestly – you need to have a real thirst to get yourself ready for that beastie. We’ll get to it sure, but right now? With the world the way it is? We need something kinder.

Say hello to an amazing pair of toys for any of you who are brand new to the world of vibes.

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Discovering this line of toys from Blush was like surfacing and breathing in much-needed oxygen after a long dive in murky waters. So often we get asked by teams where we think the future of sex toys is heading. Almost every time we talk about how it feels like every feature has been designed and every curved sculpted and that the only space left to develop and grow is the STORY of the toys; the past and future impact the toy will have. Who made it, what went into the design, why does it exist? We want to know the story behind it, that thought went into it, and how it’s conscious of the future.

Knowing there’s a line of cheap biodegradable toys out there honestly delights me and feels like a new bar from which to judge all toys.

That all being said, here’s a tangent, this week has been a real rough one. I became American about 4 years ago, and I still don’t FEEL American. I’m not sure I ever will. But even I felt the shock wave from Washington this past week. It hit hard. My heart goes out to everyone who’s still reeling. Take time to look after yourself and those around you.