We were so excited when we got given the chance to try our hand at another up-and-coming wand and then… well, we rewrote this comic three times, and still don’t feel all the way pleased with it. We don’t like doing comparisons and try to focus on toys’ unique properties, its ability to please somebody even if it’s not us. But with the Le Wands we just couldn’t get away from it, even their website combatively talks smack about the Magic Wand, so we HAVE to bring up the copy-catting.

Cloning successful toys isn’t anything new in the toy industry, it seems like everyone has their only subtly different approach to every money-maker. But usually, companies innovate along the way, small subtle improvements that we can focus on and appreciate. This was one of the reasons I think Doxy stands out compared with Le Wand. The Doxy team brought new things to their wand-game, their toy feels and looks different. It’s a different flavor on one of our favorite meals. Le Wand is the same meal, just sold at a different restaurant and at a higher price.

We don’t think you should shy away from these toys. Heck, my meal analogy still works here – it’s a damn fine lunch, one we really do recommend. It’s just that if you’ve got a choice on where to eat it…

Bummers aside, we DO enjoy the heck out of the Petite – if only that price tag was a little lower I think it could be a must-buy. I love that it’s USB chargeable, has a fancy travel lock and still packs a punch. Sort of feels like a toy to pack for a long trip…

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Take a look at the Le Wand yourself and don’t be afraid to pick one up if it catches your eye!

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