Thank you to FemmeFunn for sending us this cute lil wand!

I’d been drawn to it while browsing the Early to Bed storefront – it looked sleek, colorful, and futuristic, but still small and dainty, and I thought, heck, Erika will love this.

Turns out I was sort of right? It’s a toy that has a fair few OJST-caveats that will make it perfect for some and not-so-perfect for others! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart or for people who want a stealthy wank.

Actually, that’s something that Erika didn’t really mention about the Ultra Wand. It is LOUD. Like, I work a few rooms away from the bedroom and I could hear this thing through the WALLS. Just like Harry Potters Golden Egg, it NEEDS to be under the water – it both helps dampen the vibes AND noise. The Ultra Wand is for those of you who love to have bath-time-fun and live in a situation where you can go loud n proud with your sesh.

We’re happy to have met it!

Buy a Ultra Wand from a Friend (With Benefits)

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Erika and I will be battling out our Kickstarter fulfillment this next few weeks. So we might be slow on the comics… 1000+ orders are no joke, and we haven’t had to do our own fulfillment in years. We’ll try and keep you all in the loop if it looks like we need time off =)