There’s SO MUCH INFO to cover on the vulva and vagina areas (Or “vulvovaginal” for short), I wish we had the space to include more! Please peruse the links below to learn much, much, much more about this fascinating set of reproductive organs. And also! Take a look back at some of the other comics Matt and I have done on the subject of genitals: Homologous Genitals, Pelvic Exam, Pregnancy, (A Version of) The Sexual Response Cycle, Penis and Pals, and Foreskin Funsies. In fact, just take a skim through our Sex Education Archives for a buncha delicious comics about the practicalities of your body!


Cervical Position: What Your Cervical Position Tells You About Your Fertility
Innies & Outies: The Vagina, Clitoris, Uterus and More (Scarleteen)
Give’em Some Lip: Labia That Clearly Ain’t Minor (Scarleteen)
Vulva, I hardly knew ye (Scarleteen)
Why are my labia so weird? (Scarleteen)
My Corona: The Hymen & the Myths That Surround It (Scarleteen)
Taking Care of Your “Pussy” (Video Series by Planned Parenthood!)
What are the parts of the female reproductive anatomy? (Planned Parenthood)
► Videos by Laci Green: Are my vulva and vagina normal?, 10 Secret Vagina Facts, Vagina Hacks, Freaky Labia, Does Sex Make You Loose, You Can’t Pop Your Cherry (Hymen 101), Squirting 101

Pictures of Vulvas

The Vulva Gallery
The Labia Library
Betty Dodson’s Vulva Illustrations (Scarleteen)
► I’ll Show You Mine: Laure, Kacey, Odyne, Emily, Diana, Jayla, and Erin (Scarleteen)