Obviously, there are other methods for people to become pregnant! But since my goal is to cover contraception, I gotta cover the means by which most people traditionally go about conceiving in the first place. To explain how NOT to get pregnant, I gotta cover this form of conception first. You know how it is!

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Aw dag, I just realized I should have included a bit about how 85% of oppositely-sexed partners will become pregnant within one year of having unprotected sex (Source). SORRY, MY BAD. Please don’t think it’s super hard to become pregnant, because it’s really not. It’s super easy for most people– SO MAKE SURE YOU USE PROTECTION EVERY TIME (Unless you’re trying to get pregnant. And if you’re not using protection, then you are trying to become pregnant.)

In self-promo-y news, I’ve got a new podcast interviews to share! (I know right, do I ever shut up?) Bitch Media asked me to bring my loudest vibrators to their recording studio and talk about sex toys on their show, Popaganda.