Subtitle: Boners are for everyone!

How fucking rad is it that all our junks start from the same place and are basically the same material? I can tell you want to learn more about this, because how could you not? May I direct you towards Wikipedia’s article on “Sexual differentiation in humans” and also Dr. Emily Nagoski’s book “Come As You Are” (Which I also reviewed previously!)

One of the limitations of these comics is that I don’t actually have very much space for text, typically about 400-500ish words per script, so lots of information doesn’t have room to be included. I wish I could have talked more about the development and variation among some intersex folks’ genitals, but I’m afraid I must leave you to do a bit of that research on your own for the time being. I found The Intersex Roadshow to be a really valuable resource, especially this article on Intersex Genitalia Illustrated and Explained.

Aaaaaaaand in the spirit of Wanksgiving, we have one final Fleshlight to give away to our patrons on Patreon.