eRomameRo is here filling in for us today, as we MELT AWAY into nothing (as of this moment it’s 110F outside 0_o ).

Sometimes life comes at you in different ways, and so this lovely comic took a few years to make, and be ready for posting, but we’re oh-so-happy to have it and finally share it. Drawn by eRomameRo from their OC Mames perspective, on their journey of self-discovery. I think it’s stunning and touching.

It has me reflecting on Erika’s older comics abut her first experiences. Check out Erika’s Bullet Vibe Comic and essay on Babeland. Then, for bonus points read Bingo’s comic on their experience ‘bating!

Go tell eRomameRo how awesome they are!

Erika and I are still in ‘trying to figure out the future’ mode. This mad weather has kind of put a stop to any critical thinking, so hopefully, when things cool off by the end of the week, I can finally finish up work on next weeks comic (it just needs a lot of editing), AND come up with a master plan for the next year! Wish us luck!

If you’re in the PNW – stay safe, drink water, and keep ‘batin ;D