We hope you find it helpful. Especially for those of you looking to up your vocal game, or those who are running into the barrier of ‘WHAT should I say next’. We know it’s not for everyone too, so advocate your wants and needs fam; explore dirty talk only if it’s something that grabs you. Here’s a few more in-depth articles that offer some helpful tips and prompts!

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↓ Comic Transcript
The comic starts with a shot of a white van parked in the shade at a campsite. Voices can be heard coming from inside the car.

“Mmm yeah, talk dirty to me, babe.”

“Oh! Um. Sure. Sure. I can do that.”

Inside the van, two people are in the nude and ready to get frisky. Person #1 reclines on a bed and waits for Person #2 to come up with things to say. Person #2 looks unsure as they start their attempt at dirty talk. “Gosh, you’re so… naughty? Um… Bad? Full of mischief?” They look away, scratching their chin. “And yeah… I’m gunn get in ya. Right up there. In your… butt?!”

They wave their hands and purse their lips. “I’m just gonna cum. KA-BLAM. SPLOOSH. Everywhere and”-

Person #1 interjects. “And time out”. They even make a “time out” sign with their hands.

Person #2 starts to get out of bed as they hold their head in their hands. Nervous sweat drops fly off their head as they burst out yelling, “WHY WAS THAT SO HARD???”.

Person #1 puts their hand on Person #2 to offer some comfort. “To be fair, I didn’t give you much to go on.”

Erika pops her head into the panel at this. She says, “Looks like you both need some help Cleaning Up Your Dirty Talk!”

She whips out a heart-shaped megaphone to talk through. “Dirty Talk is all those risqué sounds and words that are used to amplify your sexy times.”

The shocked face of Person #2 pops in asking, “How long has she been there?!”

Erika continues as if she didn’t notice their remark. “The right words and noises can make or break a sexy adventure, express immediate feedback, wants, needs, and consent. They can even let you explore kinks, fantasies, and roleplay!”

A pair of lips are shown whispering a speech bubble with a heart into a person’s ear.

“Dirty Talkin’ isn’t for everyone! Sharing your inner sexual thoughts and sounds can be hella intimidating and vulnerable. It’s okay to not be into this and you don’t gotta do it. Make sure to have a big ol conversation with your would-be partner about each other’s wants and desires before you dive in.”

Person #2 scratches their head as they approach Erika. “Well - I’m turned on at the thought of being more vocal, and I know they’d LOVE it. But, uh, I feel… silly when it comes time to do it.”

Erika responds, “I hear that! I find it helps to give yourself permission to make mistakes. This is a new skill you’re learning, and nobody starts out being a master. It can help to remember that Sex is Ridiculous.

“Look. It just is. Sexual intimacy requires us to share some incredibly vulnerable aspects of ourselves, like our weird, squishy human bodies and our bizarre, illogical desires. This shit is ridiculous!” Eriks shrugs reassuringly, gesturing to little cartoon drawings of a wobbly human body and a squishy brain above her head. A plethora of lines, swirly shapes, sweat drops, and hearts (broken and unbroken) are coming off of each.

“So, as much as you can, just embrace that sex comes packaged with ridiculousness and that’s part of the fun.”

She adds, “A quick caveat; everybody’s ‘thing’ is gunna be different, so our advice today is going to be general. Take the bits that work for you and adapt them to fit you and your partner. Use these ideas to start a conversation!”

Let’s Get Vocal

(examples of what to say are included in bulleted lists).

The section starts with Person #2 throwing their head back as if they are about to moan.

A great place to start is describing the moment out loud. What’s currently happening, what’s about to happen, or what you’d like to happen.

I want you to get on top.
I’m gonna go slow, and tease the heck outta ya.

Make statements and observations.

  • Whatever you’re doing? Feels so good.

  • You’re so friggin’ hot right now.

  • I’m so turned on.

  • Ah, fuck. That feels incredible.

Questions are HOT

and can prompt horny replies.

Person #1 and #2 embrace each other, looking into each other’s eyes.

  • What would you like next?

  • Is that what you want?

  • Where you at? Looks like it’s fun…

  • How’s that feel for you?

  • Tell me what you need.

Build anticipation.

Person #2 gently bites their knuckle, anticipating what comes next.

  • I’m gonna make you so fuckin wet…

  • Can’t wait to see you cum.

Make requests!

  • Spread your legs for me.

  • FASTER! HARDER! Say my name!

Words aren’t your thing? Get gutteral, ‘cause sexy noises ARE Dirty Talk. Grunts, moans, panting, squeaks, yelps and purrs - play them up! If your partner’s doing something right, moan your appreciation.

On the receiving end of Dirty Talk? Give your partner feedback and guidance!

Use positive affirmations to encourage your partner when they do something you like. And if they’re doing something you’re not into, tell them what you WOULD like them to do or say!

Person #1 is shown putting a finger to their lips and giving a sultry look as they say, “Uhg, you’re so hot when you boss me around!”

They are also shown blushing and looking a little bashful as they hold their face in their hand. Here they say, “Ah - I’m in a gentle mood right now, be sweet to me.”

Ask them Questions back. Kickstart a dirty conversation.

  • Tell me, what you fancy?

  • What you thinkin’?

Heck show ‘em how you like it done and take the lead!

  • I want you to call me a slut!

  • That’s hot! Whisper it in my ear when I get close ok?

It’s important you both check in

as you go and recap when you’re done. You can do this at any time, whether you’re both still in bed or it’s a day later.

Person #1 and #2 are shown chatting in bed, with Person #1 pretending to swoon over their partner.

  • You know, I loved it when you said -

  • Ha! Me too!

Talk about what worked and didn’t! Try and keep an open mind for one another.

Feel like you’ve got the basics down and want to level up some more? Ask about and explore your partner’s kinks and fantasies. Lean into the flavours they like the most. Pick a role or element to focus on and then adapt.

  • Ah. You FIEND. Anything but my butt!

  • Gonna mount you like a -

Paint a picture with your words and sounds.

Set and shift the scenario.

  • I’m ordering you to -

  • You’re all MINE tonight!

It’s ok to play things up, be a little too much, and then dial things up or down accordingly.

Still struggling to crack your shy-barrier? Our improv-experienced pal Clare had this to say: “get it out of your system by practicing together. Say the weirdest dirty talk you can think of. Giggle and have fun. Give yourself permission to be silly and dumb. It’ll help when it comes time to do it for real!”

Person #1 is shown giving an exaggerated wink and flashing two finger guns at Person #2, who laughs.

Erika winks and holds up her heart-shaped megaphone. She ends the comic by saying, “Sex is all about good communication, and Dirty Talk is just an extension of that. So don’t ever stop talking with one another!”

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This comic was posted on June 6, 2021 and transcribed May 12, 2022, by Dennie Park, who can be found at linktr.ee/DeepBeeps