We hope you find it helpful. Especially for those of you looking to up your vocal game, or those who are running into the barrier of ‘WHAT should I say next’. We know it’s not for everyone too, so advocate your wants and needs fam; explore dirty talk only if it’s something that grabs you. Here’s a few more in-depth articles that offer some helpful tips and prompts!

A Beginner’s Guide to Talking Dirty Virtually or IRL
How To Talk Dirty During Sex, On The Phone & Whenever
Exactly How to Talk Dirty During Sex Without Feeling Awkward

Erika and I are still trying to figure out a potential time for a sabbatical break. Yesterday we made a list of our priorities and commitments; there are a certain number of toys we need to get done before we can have a major break. Erika’s doing a trip in August so maybe we extend it into an official break. Or maybe in September when the Sponsorship is due to expire, we’ll take a sleepy break. We’re not sure yet, but at least we’re one step further in the process. Turns out finding a time to ‘stop’ and take a ‘break’ when both your self-employed livelihoods are on the line is hella tough!

Talking of which – I’m always taking paid guest comic submissions!