Sneaking in this gorgeous Erika Patreon Autobio comic for you all this week!

Erika and I have been slamming our heads into a ‘Dirty Talk’ comic this past 2 weeks. Rewriting and drawing it so many times, really trying to find the comic in it. The problem lies with our nature to want to expand the idea into a WHOLE thing about ‘communication’ which could be like… 1,000 pages, rather than a short 4-5 page comic. Short succinct comics are hard ya’ll! Anyway, we’re exhausted, that comic isn’t ready yet, and we need a break. So, we’re taking a mental health week off, gonna come back to it fresher later on. Heck, we’ve even started talking about taking a longer sabbatical at some point; with working together under one roof without major breaks for all of Covid, it’s been hard to get away from constant ‘OJST-mode’. It’s got us needing a break and thinking about the future in a healthy mental way.

In the meantime you get this LOVELY comic Erika put together a while ago for her $3 (per OJST update) Patreon patrons. If you like this sort of Erika’s-thoughts-comics and want to see us continue making OJST’s, please consider joining up on our Patreon, truly, truly – every little helps!