Today’s lovely piece of autobiography comes to you from the talented Ell J Walker!

I love comics like this – discovering yourself and finding home in a definition and group. That feeling of finally feeling seen and represented!

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Updates for the Site!

Wednesday last week, Erika and I had a sit-down and came up with a fresh battle plan for the future of Oh Joy Sex Toy. We’re both freshly committed to keeping it going, but with the aim of moving Erika away from the project and bringing onboard new and different members to help create a diverse team. We’ll be signing on two semi-permanent guest comic artists to give us regular monthly content, while also getting 2 fresh faces each month. I’ll be bringing on consultants for the editorial, and finally, a Media person to help us with the Social media. In the end, we want to have OJST filled with different voices, creating a safe and positive space for readers and comic artists alike.

Our shopping list of updates and things to change is crazy LONG, and it’s going to take a bit of time before we get to a good resting point. But the future is positive; OJST with its own voice, not just Erika and Matt’s, made up of guest comics and all sorts. Room enough for Erika to breathe, recharge and maybe explore new projects. But still very much here for her if she decides to come back.

Hopefully, you’ll start to see some changes in the next few months after I’ve gotten the new team together! Wish us luck!