Today’s comic hits Erika and me HARD. Hannah’s story feels so close and real to our own experiences of ‘queerness’ and feelings of ‘belonging’ and community. I think it’ll connect with a lot of us tbh.

As ever, hit up one of Hannah’s links and let them know they’re awesome!

Looking for a progress report on the future of OJST? Well, we still don’t have a set plan. Things get super complicated when you factor in how OJST and Erika make money through the one Patreon! Finding a way to shift and split that up while also retaining some income? TOUGH STUFF. I think this week we’re focusing on making some sort of Patreon Poll, something to help us research and determine a course of action with regards to the Patreon. Every day we get messages of thanks for the work we do here on OJST – so if we can find a way to keep it going (maybe as curators to guests), WHILE still making an income, and letting Erika explore new things; that would be the dream. SO – polls and research to help figure things out! Stay tuned. We’ve still got a bunch of guest comics and a few more ‘owed’ comics to do before we NEED to make decisions. So times on our hands!

As ever – thank you for being here, reading our comics, and supporting what we do.