Hot and spicy one this week, with a smidge of D/s, CBT, and denial. It’s lovely to get a little more kinky-fun representation on the site- Gutsy really went all out with today’s comic.

This week’s short fictional comic (depicting two long-time, loving and practiced kinksters playing with some serious BSDM) is here to titillate, not educate. We can’t squeeze it all into a comic, so stuff that would be important to know if you wanted to try out some of this stuff is missing. Stuff like how to practice D/s & CBT safely, the before-play conversations, safe words, and aftercare (to name a few). My point is; if the subject matter in today’s comic piques your interest, go out and do some more research! This isn’t a how-to-guide!

That all being said, if you find a moment or two to spare in between those kink-research chapters, please make sure to go say thank you to Gutsy! It really is a delightfully sexy comic!

A whole lot of Gutsy’s work can be found on Filthy Figments; go read our review of that wonderful site!

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