Ok, so today’s comic is a smidge light – I know many of you will be shouting out ‘go deeper- explore the specific disorder I wanna learn about!’ We’ll for sure eventually get to the specific ones and explore them more thoroughly. We might have explored a few already in the health category. Thing is, for the next Drawn to Sex book, we needed a solid catch-all comic, something that introduces the subject and explains how anyone experiencing it is normal – it happens to us all. So that’s what we have today – a light comic that skims the surface!

If you’re feeling represented in this comic and see your own woes appearing, I’d really encourage you to go and have a frank conversation with your doctor. A good doc will listen and help and, honestly, they’ve heard it all before. You’ve nothing to be embarrassed or afraid of.

Next week, a review! First one in an age – we’re excited, it’s going to be half review and half autobio catchup.