Week two of our saucy comic guest line up!

Erika ran into DaZa’s work a while back and instantly fell in love with their two hero characters, Bea and Giò. We’re lucky enough to have their first full webcomic up on the site, and its a ton of silly, sexy fun.

We hope you like it!

If you want to find more from Italy’s DaZa, check out the following links! They’ve promised to draw more of these two on their patreon, so it might be worth a watch =D

Next week Erika and I are hoping to get you all a comic on Sexual Dysfunction 0_0 a doozy of a subject, so wish us luck!

Also if you didn’t see or hear – our new year of Sponsorship JUST STARTED. We’re so darn happy about getting last year’s sponsors to sign up again. Let them know you approve =D