Oh my g-g-g-goooooooooooosh, I love Pink lube, it is so good to me. Like I mentioned in the comic, one of the nice things about starting this review comic is that it’s forcing me to actually do some extra research about the products I’ve been using for years and I’m learning all this cool stuff– like how Pink uses all those natural supplements like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in it, which I’m pretty sure is why it doesn’t cause that burn-y feeling I get from pretty much all other lubes. So, that’s cool!

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NOTE: This review was written long before I’d set up any affiliate relationships; my views here are completely unbiased by beautiful, beautiful money.

↓ Comic Transcript
Bottles of lube are lined up next to each other at the start of the page. The last bottle on the right with a label that says “Pink'' has a tiny Erika hugging its side like a little koala bear. She says, “Hello again, Perverts! Isn’t friction the worst? Thank god for lube! My favorite one is Pink! And I’m gunna tell you why (as if you thought I wouldn’t).”

Tiny Erika throws her arms up as she rides down a waterfall of lube being squirted out of the bottle of Pink lube. She says, “It’s super slick, without that mucusy, tacky texture I’ve commonly encountered with other lubes. Bonus points for being odorless and tasteless!”

Erika, back to normal size, now holds the bottle in her hand. “Pink has a variety of lubricating products, but Pink Silicone is my lube of choice. The great thing about silicone is that it does not contain any water, so it doesn’t get absorbed into your skin or evaporate, meaning it lasts forever.”

“It also doesn’t support microbial growth, which is always a good thing when you’re dealing with genitals.”

A sad little bacterium pokes its head out from behind a NO sign. It whimpers, “But… where will I live?”

She responds, “Don’t know, don’t care!”

“UNFORTUNATELY, there’s only room for one silicone product in this town.”

A panicking dildo screams, “I’m melting! Melting!!”, with its body melting away where drops of silicone lube hit it.

“Silicone lube cannot go on silicone toys - so either put a condom on your toy or play with a silicone-free toy when using Pink (Pink does offer a variety of lubricants, including Pink Water, which is water-based).”

Erika looks a little bashful as she scratches the back of her head. She says, “Now, this probably won’t be relevant to you, dear perverts, but…”

She crosses her arms. “Most lubes give me a slight burny sensation. Not every single time, but often. I don’t know what causes it and it’s… unpleasant.” A pair of panties she is wearing in the panel says, “Haroo” and makes a sad face.

“However, in the 2-ish years I’ve been using Pink, I haven’t felt it once!” She throws her arms up in celebration, looking as happy as her smiling panties, which are cheering, “Yay!”

“I didn’t know this until I started writing this review, but it turns out Pink is full of these extra botanical ingredients that helps encourage healing, rejuvenates the skin and promotes blood flow to the genitals during arousal, like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Ginseng, and Guarana! This is awesome, because any sort of penetrative sex can cause microscopic tears in your delicate bits.”

“I found for optimal slipperiness, add 2 to 3 drops on vulva bits or the anus and 2 to 3 more drops on anything that will be penetrating those sweet spots will be enough lubrication to last the whole night!”

Erika squirts lube for a group of nude people. One is presenting their vulva, another holds up their butt, and another sports a boner while holding up a butt plug.

“... and all it takes is a little saliva if it needs some refreshing.”

“Though it is not impossible to wash off, it does tend to leave a lightly slick residue the next day.”

One nude person stands in the shower, holding a loofah and saying, “... My butthole is still slippery…” as they try to wash their butt.

Erika winks and makes two finger guns. She says, “But just take that as a reminder of the good times you had the night before!”

This comic was posted on May 14, 2013 and transcribed Jan 11, 2022, by Dennie Park, who can be found at linktr.ee/DeepBeeps.