If you can get yourself to Portland you need to check out the next performance from Queens of the Pole. Follow them on Facebook to be notified when they announce their next dates!

Links to the performers I mentioned above: Ozzy Poles (Founder of the event and has also just opened her own pole dance studio, The Pole Palace), Rachael Reckless, Lady Stockholm, Chalese Stevens and Sandria Doré.

Oo! As of May 14th they got a video up of Ozzy’s performance as Snow White! Neat!
Queens of the Pole: Disney Edition

Oh hey, I guess I should mention that this weekend, May 11-12, I’ll be exhibiting at the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival in Canada! It’s free to the public inside the jaw-dropping Toronto Public Library (789 Yonge St). I’ll be selling my books and prints, hope to see you there!

EDIT, same day:
Thank you!!!
OMG! One of you guys anonymously bought me a g-tip attachment and a dimmer control for the Magic Wand off of my Amazon wishlist and it just arrived today and oh my gosh thank you so much! Thank you, you’re the best!