Previously we’ve covered vaginal anatomy and health, getting frisky during that time of the month, reviewed some of the products you can use to deal with your period, and even covered the ending of the menstrual cycle from menopause, but we never actually did a comic ON MENSTRUATION itself! WOOPS. Well, here you go! Better late than never, right? (I’ve found the same is true with periods, too! ;D)

As always, there is SO MUCH more information to learn about menstruation and the menstrual cycle than we have the space to share in a comic, so please do yourself a favor and click through on some’a these links! (Don’t forget to leave a little donation to Scarleteen and Planned Parenthood so they can continue to afford to publicly share their invaluable anatomical information with all of us!)


On the Rag: A Guide to Menstruation via Scarleteen (Explainer on different menstrual products towards bottom of page!)
Menstruation via Planned Parenthood
What’s up with periods? via Planned Parenthood
It’s Smart to Chart via Scarleteen
M.I.A or, Dude, Where’s My Period? via Scarleteen
Menstrual Cycle via Office on Women’s Health
Sex, Period. via Scarleteen
What do you want to know about periods and sex? via Scarleteen
Stamp Out Cramps (Without the Pill) via Scarleteen
Period Woes: A Play in Two Acts via Scarleteen

Menstrual Products


What Are Menstrual Cups? via Scarleteen
Eight Myths About Washable Menstrual Pads Dispelled via Scarleteen


Spot On Period Tracker by Planned Parenthood
Period Tracker by GP Apps (This is the one I use! I haven’t compared it to any others, so I don’t know if it’s the best or not, but it works for me)
GladRags (My fav reusable menstrual product company!)
Fun Cups by Fun Factory