I’m so stoked that Tracy Puhl and I got to collaborate on this comic about period sex! Like it’s mention above, you may recall Tracy’s previous appearance in my comic reviewing GladRags and the Moon Cup and her competitive-vagina cameo in my review of the kGoal. Tracy’s doing great work to promote Period Positivity through her reusable menstrual product company, GladRags. I’m a huge fan of my cloth pads and menstrual cup, personally! Thanks again, Tracy. My (Moon) Cup runneth over… WITH YOUR FRIENDSHIP.

And holy shit you guys, we’re ONE week away from the Volume 3 Kickstarter launching (Hopefully Monday 9th!). Both Matt and I are so excited, this book file is looking REALLY good. At the same time we’ll also be dropping some big news that we’ve been dying to tell you all. One week! Get hyped! If you can’t wait to know more, or generally want to see how we’ve been doing behind the scenes, we’ve been posting a few sneaky peeks on the Patreon. Throw us a buck and check it out!
Cant wait for this next week!

And hey in extra bonus news. In the next month I’ll be attending TCAF (May 14-15th, Toronto) AND VanCaf (May 21-22nd, Vancouver). Crazy right, two Canadian conventions AND a Kickstarter? Well we can’t wait, summer’s here and we’re feeling GOOD.