Thank you so much to Evan for sharing his personal perspective with all of us here at OJST, it is a real joy to be let into such a vulnerable, beautiful place in your experiences.

You can find the awesome Evan and his work here! Be sure to drop him a word of thanks and support if you like this personal comic!

Erika’s back up and moving, so we’re back to making the comic this week! It’s… exciting? I’m not sure that the right word, but I’ll go with it – it’s exciting to get back into our routine and schedule. These past few months have been bonkers, so it’ll be really satisfying to get boring and back into the familiar daily grind.

Hey, only 2 weeks left on our Kickstarter! Better get on that if you’ve been waiting – there aren’t gonna be any more rewards (there’s only so much we can do!), so pinch em up before they disappear ;D

Real talk tho – It’s been incredible, the support so far. Erika and I wake up each day just feeling so loved and supported by the response so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you.