We’ve had fun looking at Echo in our to-do pile for yonks! So excited to finally get it reviewed and even more EXCITED to have finally found a Bad Dragon toy that works for Erika.

You might remember our previous Bad Drago Reviews. the Sofia sleve, the Flint dildo, the Fenrir dildo and finally the dragon cock extender. Bad dragon make a TON of intersting toys. Give them a peek!

Today’s comic contains one of our lovely long time reader who picked up a Be a Masturbateer for a Day slot from last year’s book Kickstarter, and they have a phalloplasty! If you’re interested in this, check out their informational blog all about the procedure and their experiences with it here. They even answer reader questions on occasion!

Secondly, there is ONLY a ONE WEEK LEFT on the current Kickstarter! We’ve been bowled over by the support on this. If you want to support us and get a book, check it out while you still can!