The Sofia is my first FULL silicone sleeve. Every other toy I’ve put my cock into has been made from TCP or CyberSkin or some sort of proprietary soft material. Silicone is a master material for any kind of penetration toy. It’s non-porous, lasts ages, and you can pour it into any kind of mold. But it’s SUPER firm and dense, and making a sleeve to penetrate out of it brings up issues for me and my delicate peen.

If you pick up a Sofia, you’re going to have a sleeve that lasts you a lifetime and gives as good as it gets. But don’t go in expecting a soft and plushy experience. Fucking this is NOTHING like fucking a Fleshlight and definitely not like a real person. It’s unique and different. I… Like it? Maybe? Kinda not? I’m honestly not sure. It’s… an experience.

If my notes about the Sofia being a bit plain-looking are a deterrent, do make sure to check out some of their other sleeves, BD has a crazy collection! When picking this one out, I simply asked the Bad Dragon team for their favorite. In hindsight, I might have been more keen for a visually interesting one like the Twitch.

Regardless, I love getting to review different and exotic toys like this. It gives me a “What is my life?” moment, and it was a blast to write a script with a gecko-character in it for Erika to draw =D
‘You want me to draw WHAT?’
‘Yup. AND a giant fantasy serpent cock… you’re WELCOME, honey.’

Also! Erika is holding a blind auction to benefit Scarleteen with this embroidery piece she made! Get your bids in July 3 – 7!

Yes, this IS the same piece Erika was working on in her Hourly Comic Day comic from last year. And Scarleteen is, of course, the best comprehensive sex education you can find on the internet. It’s one of our top research resources that we use for our educational comics and if you want to support them but you don’t actually want any embroidery out of it, by all means, go make a donation to them right now!

UPDATE July 12: Our auction raised $295.10 for Scarleteen!!!! Thanks, everyone!