Sarah’s BACK! You may remember her work from the previous gorgeous comics she’s shared here, A Work in Progress (about body positivity) and HotBod (about how beautiful bigger bodies are <3 ). She makes such lovely comics, both in subject and style. I'm so excited to have her on the site again!

This week, Sarah is covering body aair! The comic was originally JUST meant to show up in black and white in a hair themed Australian anthology, Neither Here Nor Hair (Kickstarter ends May 27th), but we got lucky enough to get a coloured OJST version. We hope you like it – consider backing that Kickstarter!

Talking about Kickstarters – Did you hear about OUR KICKSTARTER ;D

Check it out, we’re making a Sex Education ONLY comic book this year. Proceeds from the Kickstarter go back into OJST to help hire guest artists like Sarah <3

Right now Erika’s in bed coughing up a lungful after catching a nasty cold (MAYBE A BABY FLU???) from the amazing Spike (She never does things in half measures – even colds)! With the Kickstarter in full flow, and our list of to-do sex education done for the book. We’re hoping to hop back on board of the sex toy reviewing train shortly. Gosh, can you believe it been more than 2 months since we reviewed a toy 0_0 Bonkers – we’re both SO ready to start back up!