Sarah’s wonderful story on body image, fat representation and intimacy. Just a truly wonderful comic. I hope you take the opportunity to check out her work and links below.

This is our second guest comic since our amazing ECCC experience. Can you believe it takes a full two weeks to do a convention and recover in time? Crazy right? Erika and I still feel like we’re playing catch up. But good news: we’re getting SO close to completing our next book files and getting you guys another kickstarter, time to get hyped =D

I know we promote the Patreon a bunch on this site, but I’m going to take a moment to hype it up some more. Without our wonderful Patreon backers we wouldn’t be able to pay guests for these amazing diverse guest comics. With our next kickstarter looming, it’s where we’ll be posting as many behind-the-scenes bits and bobs as we can. And I’m planning to do a bunch of things on there in the next 6 months: give the V1 pdf to $5 backers, give book cover sneak peeks, make some icon sets for patroen users, and do a long over due toys give-a-way.