Getting a guest comic from Sarah is always a day to celebrate. Such stunning well thought out comics! We hope you enjoyed this piece on bigger bodies, fatphobia, diversity and intimacy as much as we do.

Go check out Sarah’s work:

Also hey, did’ya notice: we’ve got a Kickstarter happening RIGHT NOW!

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Volume 4 doesn’t actually exist yet. It will, by the end of the year! But for now, it’s a PDF waiting to go to the printer and this Photoshop mock-up of what the cover looks like mapped onto a previous OJST volume.

Each volume of our books is STANDALONE and SELF-CONTAINED! Which means you don’t gotta read all of them or in order to enjoy ’em! These books collect dozens of short, completed comics under one roof, there’s no over-arching storyline or character development to track across multiple volumes. You just dip your toe in, read about the time Matt and I visited a Porn studio or had a guest artist explain their kink, and then dip back out. I’ve been told they make for excellent bathroom reading. And don’t you deserve the best when it comes to your toilet time? I think you do.

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