This week was a storm of activity with so many of you pledging to support Oh Joy Sex Toy. It really made me energized and excited to make new comics for you: thank you! I kept my Patrons updated with snapshots on my progress, but unfortunately weather and sickness got in the way of completing my planned comic on time.

Thankfully Keovi, Matthew’s and my long-time friend, and writer Kyell came to our rescue with this fantastic comic about furries. We think they’re aces and you should go follow their stuff!

Their respective works can be found in these places:
Artist Keovi’s Website and Tumblr.
Writer Kyell’s Website.

If this comic has peaked your interest in the world of furries and you’re keen to see more anthropomorphic sexy times, we’ve got an affiliation with two great websites that will be right up your ally!

Furry porn from our Friends (With Benefits)

Hard Blush is full of boy on boy content. Artdecade is another friend approved boy on boy furry site, with a TON of content and comics, highly recommended!

Until next week, I leave you with this picture of Keovi modeling her Anal Safety Snails shirt.