Heck yeah, guys its time to get excited again for our annual book Kickstarter!

As of posting this, the Kickstarters been up for only TWO days and has blown past our $15k goal and is now at $30,000. It’s incredible. Thank you SO SO much if you’ve already backed us there. Your support means everything.

If you haven’t yet, well, it’s pretty much a one stop shop for supporting Oh Joy Sex Toy and what we do here with a book preorder. You can get the last years OJST content in the way it was designed – printed into a classy ass book, and then enjoy the next years worth of OJST comics guilt free! Throw on your Adblocker, put up your feet; you’ve supported the comic another year, and all this future content is for YOU. Fun Sex Ed book AND feel goods!

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten the previous books either. Each book is stand-alone. There’s no core story your missing, just different subjects and toys in each book, and since our art gets better each year AND we get better and better at making books, this one aught to be the best yet.

And as always, if books are just not your jam, even a dollar a comic on Patreon makes a world of difference for us.

If your interested in how the puddings made, and/or behind the scene’s stuff. Well, I made a few blog posts about some of the previous Kickstarters, check them out here.
2014 Volume 1 – Number Wang
2015 Volume 2 – Number Wang
Oh Joy Sex Toy as a Business
I (Matt) also occasionally write my thoughts on Patreon.