It’s getting cold outside so let’s turn up the heat.
DicksnDemons is here today with a sweet, sexy, intimate and NSFW comic. That’s just… gosh… oh-so-lovely. Follow along as we take a short dive into this couple’s sexploration and strap-on adventure!

Then when you’re done, go tell this talented artist just how awesome he is!

Today’s comic got you yearning to strap in for more strap-on content? We understand.
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In other news!

While I still need to update some copy about it on some of the pages, I’m super excited to announce that we’ve finally settled on this year’s Sponsorship. Oh Joy Sex Toy is once again supported by for the whole of this next year. They’re ensuring we don’t need to make use of crazy ads to keep this ship rolling! I can’t express how much Sponsorship means to us and the site. In addition to the vital support we get from Patreon, Sponsorship affords us the ability to pay our guests artists a wage, keep the site updating week-to-week, and keep the site healthy n’ hosted. A few months back the future of OJST was still up in the air (and heck it still might be – we’ll see how things are after 6 months), so to have OMGYes come back ready and willing to support us during these turbulent times, it means everything.

We’ll get them a fresh review when they eventually drop their next season of episodes (soon!), but if you’ve ever been sitting on the idea of a sign up we can’t encourage you more strongly. Check out our previous reviews of season one and season two. This team and website deserve all the sign-ups they can get – AND – it’s just an amazing site.