How on earth do I talk about this week’s comic by Hien Pham? It captures such a feeling and vibe. That spiraling thought process of worries and anxieties. One that pulls you away from those around you and toward something dark and negative. A spell that can be broken with a kind touch and a soft word from a friend.

It pertains to the human experience and our relationships with those around us; something that feels deeply important, and heck, I’m so thankful Hien felt like he could share it here!

From Hien:
This comic is dedicated to hugs, affectionate touch, and the friends who helped pull me out of the spiraling dark abyss by giving me love. I’m so lucky and I’m so grateful to have y’all in my life. Shoutout to my Bears Perth!

A huge thank you today too, for our Patreons who help keep this site going, and enable me to hire and showcase as many artists as I can, and keep Erika working on her DBT book. I know Erika’s still on her long sabbatical (for health and DBT-book-project reasons), but without the continued support there for these comics our site and her work just wouldn’t be possible. These past few years have been tough for all of us, but without that support, OJST just simply wouldn’t be running. And, well, I feel like I don’t say thank you enough: so, thank you, guys. Truly.

On the same note; we’ve been brainstorming a bit about maybe further down the road doing some big pledge drive or sale to help build up some funds – I listen to a lot of podcasts while I edit comics for the site, and they all seem to do a yearly ‘pledge drive’? With OJST approaching its 10th year (I KNOW RIGHT?) that might be something good to try out? Some sort of ‘Save Our Bluths‘ fundraiser? So maybe more to come on that when we get back from seeing family in June (My first time going back home in 3 years 0_o!)