How do you get your anxiety to chill? Mango-Nectar shares with us a very cute and very NSFW short comic as we watch these pair get through their first-time road bump jitters.

Thank you for the lovely comic, Mango-Nectar! It’s all the right kinds of gratuitously sexy and cuddly sweet. Go visit her Twitter and let her know you liked the comic! I believe she’s also currently taking commissions too!

That’s 3 sexy-porny comics in a row! Hot-damn! Sometimes it just happens like that; lots of artists want to make sexy short comics and then by coincidence all hand in at the same time! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the horny start to Spring ;D Next week, Hien’s back with another amazing personal comic. I won’t spoil it for you, but this one will make you feel things. I can’t wait to post it!

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June’s coming up and so is a trip I have to make to go see family in England! While I’m away I’ll still be available to hit up for guest comic slots (we’re always looking for comic artists to work with!) but might be a little slower to respond. That’ll be my first trip out of the states in a whillllle, which me luck! =D