Wash away the day’s stress with this deep dive into Hien Pham’s local Gay Sauna.

I can’t be more excited about this comic – I love journalistic pieces like this and even more so when it’s by Hien AND made just for OJST. Thank you so much for going above and beyond and sharing this slice of life with us Hien!

This one reminds me heavily of the time Erika and I visited Club Sesso and a Swingers Party. While I’m giving you some links to open up, check out the rest of Hien’s comics he’s made for us these past few months: Side Effect Right Effect (a comic on SSRIs and Hien’s Libido) and I’ve got a Friend in Me (a reflective body-positive artist thought piece). I highly recommend giving his amazing work a read (and then hitting him up on his socials!)

Last week, we had a soft launch for the new OJST team (of which Hien Pham is a part of – woop!) This week we’re soft launching the new sponsorship banners! We’re trying out some ‘rotating images this year of cute mMsturbateers, all in the spirit of promoting this year’s sole sponsor OMGYes.com! Hope you like them, Erika and I had a ball designing them and fixing the site up for it =D We truly love OMGYes and feel ever so thankful for their continued support this turbulent year. Give the site a look!