So excited today to have Ray Walsh talking about and writing their own love letter to piercings! They submitted this awesome pitch back in May and it was great to get them on board to cover this massive subject.

Go visit Ray’s work and send them well-earned love:

A long time ago I had both a tongue and willy piercing. Getting a piercing for sexy reasons can be REALLY REALLY fun. But do yourself a favor and shop around for a good and reputable piercing place if you decide to get it done yourself! Ray’s not kidding with the advice: finding a good place and putting your junk into good, trust-worthy hands really is the most important part (and abiding to that after-care cheat sheet they will give you!).

And finally, if you were hoping for a comic on ‘play piercings’ that’s not this one, but probably something we’ll end up covering at a much later date: Today we’re just talking about the kind of sexy piercing you visit a piercer for!

Good luck and happy piercing!