I love Vixen Creations‘ toys and these two penis extenders are pretty great IF you fit those internal dimensions exactly.

– 4″x1″? The Ride On is perfect for you, Erika swears by that Bandit mold.
– 5.5″x1.4″? The Colossus will fit a treat, even if it might make you TOO big for use!
– Any other size? You’re out of luck!

Something I didn’t really go into with this comic is how tricky it can be to slide these extenders on. Vixen has quite the ‘how to’ that’s a balancing act of copious water-based lube, creating a vacuum in the toy for entry, and shifting into position. It’s a bit intense and worth a few practice runs by yourself before trying to put it on in front of a partner.

Regardless, if you fit either of these, I can’t emphasize how cool it is to visually ‘upgrade’ your wang, I got a real kick out of it!

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I’ve also read that some people find these toys helpful for continuous fucking even when you’ve lost a hard-on. This isn’t something I can attest to, but seems reasonable? The grip on the balls is pretty good, even when sweaty, and I think if you’re at least half-hard you would still be able to control it fine. I ALSO read elsewhere that they can be used instead of a condom. That’s not something I would recommend at all: it’s not a ‘tight’ seal like a condom, so you’re likely to leak out places when you’re at it!

I think if you’re looking for a confidence boost and some bonus size these are just great.