Guys, I think it’s time we started to get excited about our amazing Limerence Press book store versions of our books!


You might remember a few months ago we ran our Volume 3 Kickstarter, and at the same time we revealed our book distribution deal with Limerence, Oni’s sex-educating print line! While we got to make a wonderful book for our Kickstarting audience, they would print a whole lot more book store versions of our books and get them put into real stores! It’s a wonderful way for us to get our books out there into more of your hands!

Well my friends, our advanced copies arrived and they look WONDERFUL.

We can’t begin to praise how great of a job Limerence did with the new covers. And we can’t wait to see these turn up in stores.

Right this second they’re available for pre-order online:

Volume 1 and 2 will be available October 18th, and Volume 3 November 22nd!

And if you’re keen to see these in stores, you can still recommend your favorite book, comic, and sex toy stores to pick some up! We’re being distributed through Diamond, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor!

Also on a slightly related note, did you hear: Limerence is ALSO making an Oh Joy Sex Toy COLORING BOOK. Fuck yeah!!! Expect it to show up in stores JUST before Valentine’s next year and for pre-order a bit before then. And if you want to help out, you can direct your local stores to this link, or pass on the diamond code: OCT161710 for them to preorder it with!

Everything’s coming up Millhouse.