One of the liberating aspects of sex is that it can be used to safely explore a side of a person that they can’t share in public. It could be a mousy librarian who becomes a confident dominatrix in bed, or the big, mean CEO who wants to be submissive and humiliated, or a big-hearted, nurturing, empathic person who wants to inflict some (consensual, wanted) pain, or– as in this week’s comic– the powerful superhero who wants to be the weak one, the protected one. We hope you like this tender piece by Rado and I’d encourage you to go check out the rest of his stuff. I believe he’s even our first artist from Madagascar!

Project Spotlight:

The Black Resilience Fund is helping Black Portlanders who need a little extra hand to pay their bills, pay for childcare, or just pay for a hot meal. The donations are going straight into our community and having an immediate impact on our neighbors ♥️

Lucy Bellwood is sending out a beautiful, gold-foiled art print to anyone who sends her a receipt of their donation to the BRS, take her up on it!

Erika and I are experiencing some serious burnout at the moment and are tossing around the idea of taking a real week off soon. You’d think that making a webcomic would allow you the flexibility to take as much time as you want off – but the reality of things are so different. I think the last time we officially took a week was back in December? We had a booked-in break just prior to quarantine times and rather than take the time off anyway, we just didn’t stop working 0_0 Next week, a comic on attraction and then maybe we’ll take a break!

We hope you’re all staying as well and strong as you can. Keep the hope alive, and keep doing what you can.