Ariel’s BACK!

Gosh, I love her work and today’s comic especially so. I don’t think we talk about diminishing libidos or drops in desire as much as we should, especially here on OJST. Erika and I can both relate heavily to everything Ariel’s saying here and I think a lot of readers will to.

Today’s comic is incredibly touching, personal, and helpful. If you agree, go drop her a kind note, and maybe even think about signing up to her Patreon during these crazy Covid-19 times, every dollar really does help us independent artists.

If you recognize Ariel’s work here, it’s because she’s made two superb comics for us before! One on Daddy/little Relationships and the other on Aftercare.

Today’s comic greatly mentions the Sexual Response Cycle, so if you’re looking for more reading we’d recommend you dive on there and read our comic about it. But we also recommend you can check out Dr. Emily Nagoski’s comic on the science of desire AND our review of her book, Come As You Are, which also talks about this stuff.

Separately – Did you know Erika’s made a NEW PATREON TIER. She’s going post autobio comics on there as a way to stretch her comic wings again and get her creative juices flowing. Go take a look!