This week’s been long and hard, so we think we’re all deserving of something good and loving. Today’s amazing comic on After Care is by Ariel Vittori. I think we can all agree it’s just a stunning bit of work. I hope you all send her some love.

Something to also take note of is that Ariel is currently fundraising for her Erotic Comic Anthology – Melagrana (Pomegranate in Italian!). Which, judging by the thumbnails and pitch, will look STUNNING. There’s like 10 days left to back it!

We’ll probably post another guest comic next week, as we slowly find our legs again. A little bit of recovery time is in order. I guess eventually we’ll talk about what’s happened this past week, once we’re fully able to digest and articulate it. In the mean time I hope you all stay good, happy and healthy! And please don’t fret or worry; as always our goal and purpose here is to stay and be as judgement-free, inclusive, and sex positive as possible. Thank you for all the support for what we try to do.

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