Haha, oh jeez, I’ve been avoiding this comic since we launched four years ago. “How do I know if I’m ready for sex?” (and variations of that question) is one of our most frequently requested topics and it’s… it’s a hard one! Hence my avoidance. BUT. No more dodging it. Here’s our INTRODUCTORY stab at this subject. Matt and I tried our best, but there’s no way we could possibly cover every single thing you’ll want to consider, which is why we REALLY recommend you read up some more at the links below and keep asking yourself questions, see where it takes you. Sex is a personal world of continued self-discovery, you’re always going to be learning and evolving over time. And, SUPER IMPORTANT: SEX IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A PENIS GOING IN A VAGINA. Phew, ok, now you should go read the rest of these links…

Am I Ready for Sex? – Planned Parenthood
Ready or Not? The Scarleteen Sex Readiness Checklist – Scarleteen
I don’t feel ready for sex at all: should I? – Scarleteen
I’m 13 and Totally Sure I’m Ready for Sex – Scarleteen

Since this IS a wordy comic, I’m going to bullet point the core questions we recommend you ask yourself, just so you have a short go-to list here in the blog:
Ask yourself:
– WHY do I want to have sex?
– WHAT am I comfortable doing?
– HOW will it impact my life, those around me, and myself as a person.

AND finally, it’s worth TRIPLE saying here again:
Sex is supposed to be a positive, intimate activity for everyone involved. If anything ever feels contrary to that, stop and reassess!