Dang, my dudes, I absolutely loved this graphic novel. It’s set the bar on dirty comics. I’ve always looked up to both Emilee Denich (aka Ghostgreen, as they’ve previously appeared here on ol’ OJST) for her stunning comics work and Spike Trotman has been one of my favorite author/cartoonists since our days on a now defunct comics subscription site back in the early 00s.

Haha, I have so, so, so much more to say about this about this book that didn’t fit in the comic! Maybe when I have more free time (LOL) I’ll write a bit more as a blog post? But don’t hold me to that. But do go pick this book even if you’re not into femdom. It’s just straight-up a good book and one of my most favorite comics I’ve ever read.

  • Yes, Roya – Physical Book
  • Yes, Roya – Digitial Book
  • And here are the creator’s links!