I’ve been so excited to share this comic with everyone. The files have been a burning a hole in my hard drive waiting to get posted. I’m in love with his characters and Benjamin delivers a fine sexy story. I recommend you find more of his work, it’s some seriously prime smut.

Benjamin didn’t JUST write a sexy comic for us, he also recommended a real toy! The comic today is a fantasy-comic based on a real experience of some self-vibrating anal beads. It’s like my dream guest comic: beautiful, sexy, funny AND something I can sell!

Buttt… thing is, I’m not much of a fan of Pipedream Products and none of our friends’ stores stock this toy. So instead I’m going to link to an alternative that I think you guys might like better if you’re keen for some self-vibrating anal action. It’s by Fun Factory, pretty much the same thickness and has a better plug design (although from the sounds of it you’ve got to REALLY clean it, because it has some tricky crevasses). I think it might be a tad more appealing than the Pipedream toy.

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FINALLY we are SO close to our San Fransisco trip, and I am PUMPED. Please come see us on February 12th and get a book signed AND a sex toy!