Another sexy-horny one for you this week, friends! I suppose all these saucy comics arriving in spring and around Easter is kind of the perfect theme =D

I love today’s comic and think Innkeeper Worm just knocked it out of the park. Wordless comics are always so tough to do and this one sings.

Go give Innkeeper Worm a follow or, better yet, hire ’em for a commission (they seem to be open to them atm).

Today’s comic gave me bigggg Beastars vibes – which is a current Manga series I’ve been consuming with abandon and think is just a ton of anthropomorphic fun. So I’m gonna drop some book-plugs below, in case today’s comic piqued the furry inside of you. Come join me and read (it’s also a cartoon on Netflix too!) this crazy high school drama (with a dash of romance), set in an animal world!

And, finally while we much prefer and encourage you to buy from a small
business, here’s an Amazon link!